Kyrie and Melo – Pickup Basketball

Kyrie and Melo gave everyone a preview of there chemistry during a recent pickup basketball game at UCLA.  In case you had any questions if these two greats could mesh well as teammates they gave everyone a taste. This isn’t the first time the two played together. Last summer Carmelo Anthony and Kyrie Irving won gold in Rio at the Olympics. The two effortlessly run the pick and roll which is witnessed below….

Die Antwoord’s Ninja Wild Story of Pickup Basketball, Kanye West and Drake..

Imagine this. You are a South African Rapper Ninja from Die Antwoord. Your phone rings and it is a 2:00am Face Time call from Paris Hilton. You two are chatting it up when in the background pops up Kanye West waving. Next thing you know Kanye is inviting you over to his house and then the two of you are on your way to play basketball at his neighbors house who happens to be Drake. A story too crazy to not be told! take a look :

Lonzo Ball2

NBA Summer League Opens

There is a quiet buzz in the air with the beginning of the NBA Summer League opening. An off season showcase which attracts die hard fans looking for there first views of the new NBA prospects. Lonzo Ball of the Lakers was headlining Saturdays game. The demand for tickets went through the roof with a staggering 17,500 tickets sold!

Everyone wanted to the see the star that is Lonzo Ball. There is so much promise and buzz behind Lonzo with the hype growing nonstop. Fan’s ooed and aahed over Lonzo’s behind the back passes and his ability to read the court and some no look passes. Others argue that Lonzo did not yet meet the hype. Friday’s game showed 4 rebounds, 5 assists, 5 points on 2 of 15 shooting losing to the Clippers.

Saturday, Lonzo did a little better with 11 rebounds, 11 points and 11 assists in the Lakers loss to the Boston Celtics. The question is, will Lonzo Ball meet up to the hype? My thoughts on Lonzo is welcome to the league and if you want to be the next Kobe, Steph or LeBron get ready to put in that work!

When Celebrities Play Pickup Basketball

Pickup basketball is everywhere! League’s are being started and celebrities are out playing games. What happens when Justin Bieber is out on tour in Ireland looking for a good game of pickup basketball?

Back here in the states Quavo from Migos and Shareef O’Neal playing a quick indoor pickup game in Los Angeles. Shareef showing his dunking skills he inherited from his dad Shaq and Quavo showing off his footwork.

Pick up basketball is everywhere! Be part of the movement with the Ballertag app now! Available now on iOs and Android!

AI and Ice Cube 2

Ice Cube Starting 3-On- 3 Basketball League

Ice Cube is following his dream of bringing back retired NBA Players for his new venture Big3. He is starting a 3-On-3 Basketball league for former professional players. Allen Iverson has already signed up as a coach & player for the Big3. Ice Cube partnered up with entertainment executive Jeff Kwatinetz to start the league for players over 30. Games are expected to start as early as June 24th with former star players Rashard Lewis, Kenyon Martin, Gary Payton and George Gervin. The league will play and an eight game season for the summer which will culminate in a two week playoff. Each weeks game will take place in different cities. Team’s will be comprised of 5 players and games will be played to 60 points. The 4 point shot will also be in play which will be a little deeper than the NBA 3 pointer. Cube and Kwatinetz are hoping they will pick up sponsorship and television deals. Is there a possibility of Ice Cube performing? Ice Cube laughed it off saying “I don’t know maybe if i’m feeling it.”

The Dynamic Duo of Stephen Curry & Kevin Durant


Kevin Durant (Left), Stephen Curry (Right)

Anyone watching the 2017 NBA Playoff’s can see that the Golden State Warriors are dominating the court. So far they have won both Game 1 and Game 2 of the Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant have taken over the court commandingly. They have been able to not only each score 30 plus each but both are averaging 10 rebounds and assists! There is no question that together the both of them have been an amazing asset for the team as a dominating force. Experts are now saying they are the best duo to play together as teammates since the 70’s. What makes them most impressive is that both players are still under 30 allowing them to continue this winning streak for several years if they continue playing at this level. Looking back in NBA history, can Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant really stand up to the great duo’s of the past?

1991-1998. Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippin of the Chicago Bulls won 6 out of 8 championships against 5 different West Conference teams.

2000-2002. Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant of the LA Lakers were able to to win three consecutive championships.

1979-1989. Magic Johnson and Kareem-Abdul Jabbar of the LA Lakers teamed up to win 5 championships and reached the finals 8 out of 10 times in the 80’s.

1985-2003. John Stockton and Karl Malone of the Utah Jazz spent 18 seasons executing there signature pick and roll. Every year they played together they made the play-offs but they always faced Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippin of the Bulls and despite there great dynamic duo it was not enough to overcome the Bulls.

Could Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant have stood a chance up against these NBA greats?  Are they good enough to be added to this list of great players? What do you think?

When Shaq Joins Your Pickup Game

Picture this, you are at your local gym playing a game with a group of friends when Shaq rolls up! What happens when Shaq decides to join your pickup game? This lucky defender learned the hard way. Do not step to Shaq unless you come correct! At 7’1 still in pretty good shape from his NBA days this poor guy had to take a major L!

The Beauty of Outdoor Basketball

One of the best features is our “court locator”  where you can find courts nearby. It becomes most useful when you get a day to explore what is out there in the world of outdoor basketball. If you are lucky enough to live in the tri-state area or live in New York City which also has great courts to explore with the help of the Ballertag app. If you stumble upon a court that is not already tagged you can always take a second to tag it and share the view with your fellow ballers by taking a photo and directly uploading it to the app. Below are some iconic courts French photographer Frank Bohbot captured in his ongoing series, “This Game We Play”. Which one is your favorite?

outdoor court 3 outdoor court 4 outdoor court 5 outdoor court 6 Outdoor court1 Outdoor court2



The Race to 1000GP



Ballertag on the Move

Ballertag is hitting the road fast! If you are lucky you might catch us in action near you! Saturday’s storm didn’t stop the show. That is the great thing about the Ballertag app. You are able to find gyms, indoor or outdoor with people eager and ready to play. What are you waiting for? Download Ballertag now and join the movement!

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