NBA Summer League Opens

There is a quiet buzz in the air with the beginning of the NBA Summer League opening. An off season showcase which attracts die hard fans looking for there first views of the new NBA prospects. Lonzo Ball of the Lakers was headlining Saturdays game. The demand for tickets went through the roof with a staggering 17,500 tickets sold!

Everyone wanted to the see the star that is Lonzo Ball. There is so much promise and buzz behind Lonzo with the hype growing nonstop. Fan’s ooed and aahed over Lonzo’s behind the back passes and his ability to read the court and some no look passes. Others argue that Lonzo did not yet meet the hype. Friday’s game showed 4 rebounds, 5 assists, 5 points on 2 of 15 shooting losing to the Clippers.

Saturday, Lonzo did a little better with 11 rebounds, 11 points and 11 assists in the Lakers loss to the Boston Celtics. The question is, will Lonzo Ball meet up to the hype? My thoughts on Lonzo is welcome to the league and if you want to be the next Kobe, Steph or LeBron get ready to put in that work!