Pickup Game Problem, Solved

Ballertag is the original pickup game app for Android and iOs. Coined on October 31, 2014, Ballertag was well suited to describe a solution to a problem going back decades of arriving at empty courts, driving all around town to find games to join or not having enough to run a full court game. Those of us who are active in pickup basketball are often referred to as “Ballers” so to distinguish ourselves from the rest of the “username” terminology that is often used we wanted something unique that would embody the concept.

With Ballertag you can “tag” courts that you normally visit, you can discover new courts nearby, schedule your own games, invite friends, grow your following and view court activity in realtime via GPS. Every element above is crucial in playing a sport we love that helps promote a healthy lifestyle and at Ballertag we are aiming to make this process easy for our users to successfully be able to play anywhere, anytime, together!

Key features within the app include its social impact that allows for users to easily share their Ballertags with one another as opposed to asking for phone numbers, instagram or twitter handles to stay in contact. Users can message each other for details, arrival times and invite friends directly from the app who do not yet have a Ballertag to setup games seamlessly.

With the continued growth of both versions of our app, we are aiming to rollout a new feature that will enable users to experience a mixture of the pickup basketball community and the gaming community so our team is excited for what is to come.